Wednesday, April 1, 2015


On Monday, my daughter treated me to an Easter Egg decorating evening at her church. We learned the art of decorating Ukrainian Easter eggs, or"'Pysanky".
The tool used is a stylus which consists of a copper-wrapped thin funnel attached to a wood dowel.

The stylus is heated over a candle flame, then beeswax is scooped into the funnel. It is reheated and the wax is then drawn on a clean white egg using the pointed end of the tool..

 After any areas to be left white are covered with wax, the egg is dyed in a light  coloured dye.

 The process is repeated...Heating, scooping, drawing with wax, dipping in progressively darker dye, etc., until the desired effect is achieved.

The wax is then melted off using the candle flame or a heat gun and left as is, or lightly varnished or oiled.

Some photos of eggs from my collection...all except one were given to me by my Mom. The one looking worst (in the bottom photo) is my attempt on Monday!...but what a lot of fun we had!


Anonymous said...

Those eggs are so beautiful!
Happy Easter to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

I have always admired these. What an intricate process. Easter blessings to you, Millie. xoxo