Monday, June 6, 2011

Tea Time, June 5

For our tea break today, it’s rhubarb again…..this time a layered square; a baked buttery crust, next is a thickened rhubarb mixture, then a layer of mini marshmallows in whipped cream, all topped with a vanilla custard. This is a very delicious dessert. We had a committee meeting at our house last night and this is all that is left for today!.
My china is Royal Worcester Gold Chantilly. I purchased a set of 8 place settings a long time ago, quite unintentionally…Originally I bought a set of china with 24 carat gold trim at a very good price, and was going to use it for every day . When my family saw it, they all said ”Oh, Mom, it looks like you got this as a premium at a gas station!” So my little daughter and I trooped back to the store, and her choice happened to be the most expensive china they carried...I believe it was this Royal Crown Derby, or one similar ….
quite beyond my budget…

so we both settled on this one… just to tell you how long ago this took place, the entire 8 person set was $125!
The pink and white plate is part of the set I do use every day,… Dansk “Trellis”. I always like Dansk…it doesn’t chip easily.
Anyway, not much time to chat today… I must get out and plant my annuals in that almost-empty garden. You can see them waiting in the foreground.
Be sure and visit Sandi at her weekly tea party.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Millie,
Oh my, does your rhubarb dessert ever look good! Your china is lovely and I really like your Trellis every day set. Pink always tugs at my heart strings! You are going to have a pretty garden when you're finished. I don't even have my annuals bought yet. The weather has been so poor here that Hubby and I are really dragging our feet this year. Thank you for joining me for tea today. It's always a pleasure to have you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Millie, It's always so delightful to visit with you and I love your china. The rhubarb dessert makes me so very hungry. I've never tasted rhubarb! Your flowers will be so very pretty. You'll have to share photos when you have completed the planting. Have a wonderful evening.

Pamela Gordon said...

HI Millie. I love your pretty china, especially the Dansk plates. Your dessert looks delicious. I hope you got your plants in. I have just potted mine and they are doing well so I hope we don't get a cold snap! Blessings, Pamela

Snap said...

My mouth is watering! I, too, like Dansk. Your china is lovely and what a good buy. Don't work too hard in the garden. Be sure to take a tea break! Happy Tea Day!

Terri said...

Hello Millie, this is my first visit to your lovely blog by way of Sandi.
Your china is really lovely. The dessert looks totally delicious too!
Have fun in your garden!

Cindy said...

Your daily china is so pretty! And your rhubarb dessert sound so yummy! So glad we have had such fine weather lately, I'm sure your garden is beautiful by now.
Hugs, Cindy