Following in Her Son’s Footsteps

Last summer our Grandson went on a short term missions trip to Latvia, where they taught English.  He loved the people, and the experience was very good for him. Recently, there was an opportunity for 3 people to fill in on another trip, to Portugal. Our daughter followed in her son’s steps, and  volunteered. Here she is, teaching! Her normal work is in a totally different field, so this is new to her. I know she is doing a good job.

LaVerne in Portugal

Photo credit and more info:

and below, her son..our grandson…

cam tuba cropped


Anonymous said…
I visited the blog link and left a message. What a wonderful opportunity for your daughter and team and what a blessing for the folks in Portugal. I remember when you grandson was on his mission trip last year. You must be very proud of them both, Millie.
What a lovely daughter both inside and out to volunteer to teach in Portugal. I know you are very proud of her as you should be.
Both mom and son are blessings to all
Unknown said…
How wonderful it is to be able to help others. It is so Noble...
Blessing to you and your family..

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