Friday, April 22, 2011

Lightening Up!

We took the plunge and painted our oak china cabinet. We haven’t yet found the right knobs and pulls so I have been looking online and in magazines for inspiration. The oak counter has been left as it was, and it goes nicely with our dining table and chairs and the oak beams. Perhaps later it too will be painted. My husband painted the frames, etc., but we sent the doors out to be sprayed. I must say that even though the cabinets are 34 years old, they look very good. A local company, Western Paint, did the work and  were very pleasant to work with. Our kitchen cabinets had previously been painted and glazed a few years ago, and now we had them sprayed also. The colour is not pure has a grayish cast, which goes well with our backsplash.


Below is a photo of the same cabinet at Christmas.


Bunnies are popping up around here just in time for spring. This morning I saw a live one running across our street.


I grew some wheat grass…it took just a few days to get to this state, and gives a fresh look to the table. Of course, we have onion-skin dyed eggs for our family’s annual egg-bashing contest, in which my egg was the first to crack up…


Our children and grandchildren were here for brunch today, and we have invited my Mom and brothers to join us for Easter Sunday.


Mildred said...

Your cabinet turned out beautifully, Millie. You have it decorated perfectly. So glad your family is able to visit while you are all decorated for Easter/Spring. Enjoy the weekend.

Pamela Gordon said...

I like you china cabinet! What a huge difference. Enjoy your Easter with your family. Blessings, Pamela