Flower Market

This week we spent a few days in Vancouver, British Columbia. We drove to Seattle for a day and visited Pike Place Market. I just loved the beautiful bouquets and cut flowers! They were also reasonably priced, but since we were cross-border shopping, we couldn’t bring the real thing home, so I took lots of photos to enjoy in the coming days when snow flies… 063

Even though these aren't my flowers. I am taking the liberty of flaunting them over at Tootsies anyway.


Oh, Millie... those are magnificent! I love these, and I love every picture. They have some combinations that I wouldn't have thought of which makes me love them more.

A summer ago, I was in charge of the flower arranements for my MIL's 80th which I shared in a post that's up on my blog. If you get a chance, drop by to see them. I directed the florist in another city, and I think he did a very good job. We didn't have peonies (which I wanted) so he used full blown roses which worked well in their place. But I am a peony girl!

These flowers, though, are just amazing. I'm so glad you got their pictures. You always have such gorgeous flowers on your blog which makes it a pleasure to visit you.


Sheila :-)
Anonymous said…
Millie, you have outdone yourself with these photos. They are just stunning and I enjoyed them so much.
deb said…
What color! Gorgeous photos...and flowers! ;)
Sooo pretty. The colors are wonderful. Thank you!
Darla said…
Very nice,love the dahlias I see in there.
Thank heavens for digital cameras to preserve your memories. Gorgeous blooms.
cherry said…
oh my goodness they are all beautiful !
hugs from Savannah, Cherry

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