Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Signs of Summer

After a very cool spring, our early summer flowers are in bloom; the bridal wreath spirea, a large patch of self-seeded violas, and our native wild orchid, the yellow lady slipper. It is an endangered species, so one cannot just dig it up from its wild state. I have had this one for many years and it was rescued from the pathway of the construction of a major highway. This variety of lady slipper is a medium height. It grows in dappled shade. Every year I marvel at the delicate yet sturdy flowers.


Eli said...

beautiful flowes and landscape. I am a professional photographer... who enjoyed your pictures very much.

davender said...

Millie u posted beautiful landscape n another pics.keep it up n upgrade ur blog regular . ur pics. r really very very cool.

davender gola

Share Cute Pictures said...

OMG, how beautiful it is~

nice color

Cat said...

Love the Lady Slippers.