Monday, June 2, 2008

Waterton Lakes National Park

One of our favorite vacation spots is Waterton-Glacier, in the South West Corner of Alberta, and into Montana. On the Canadian side it is known as the place where the prairies meet the mountains. We like to camp in the "primitive" campground where there is no elecricity or hookups of any kind. We often see wildlife, and at night, it is so peaceful and quiet there.
The alpine wildflowers are so vibrant and prolific, and the various pines are lovely.

All photos by Millie

Not all our experiences at Waterton have been wonderful..on one trip long ago, I fell into a very fast stream above a waterfall, and was a few feet from being swept over when my hubby yanked me out of the water. I believe Iwould have been severely injured if not killed. I came to the conclusion that God had more for me to do on this earth, and many times that memory spurred me on to service of one kind or another.
One item of note is that at that dangerous spot, the park has erected a bridge with very sturdy railings, which prevents accidents like the one I had.
For those folks who would rather not rough it, there are several very nice accomodations with good eating establishments in the town of Waterton.


Judy said...

Thanks for taking us to looks like a most beautiful spot. I have been there only once many years ago, and the rain never let up during our it never looked much like your photos, I'm afraid!

I am adding your link to the 'travel tour'. Thanks, Judy

Trish said...

Oh has been a lifetime ago that I was a little girl and we drove to Waterton for a vacation. Being a country preacher in a small prairie town we did not have much money so I think we drove there but had to drive a way out of the park before we could find a cheap place to stay the night. What a beautiful beautiful place. Thanks for bring back memories.

Now, it sounds like you have quite the memories of Tofino area. How I wish I would have seen Tofino in those days...when it was less populated by TOURISTS!!! Nevertheless, we go off season sometimes and still manage to get a beach or two alone!

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

This was a great post for me because I am not familiar at all with Waterton. It's such a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing! ~Kathy

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

What beautiful country! Who gets to live in the castle/chalet? (It must be a wonderful hotel or something.)

What a scary experience to nearly topple over a waterfall. I can NOT even imagine, but I am glad that the Lord has helped you to use it for good.

Lisa said...

So beautiful! I went to Waterton 2 or 3 times and loved it. Can't remember - is that hotel called The Prince of Wales?

Pat said...

Whata pretty place! My son lives in Colorado and the Rockies are so majestic.
I'm glad you were not seriously hurt in your fall and that the problem has been rectified with a bridge! I've enjoyed seeing Judy's tour group this week very much!

Cat said...

I love primitive camping!
Hopefully we'll get in a weekend this summer.

Bonita said...

I'm glad you like primitive living because I'll just live vicariously through you and your pictures on this one. Camping for me is staying at the Holiday Inn and taking a walking trail!

The story of your rescue from the waterfall is amazing. I'm glad you stuck around so I can read your blog!