Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heading Home

It’s been a great month, but we are now just 300 miles from home. We are very anxious to see our family, and many of you will identify with how that is,…enjoying a vacation, but wishing everyone was together. I keep thinking that is how it would be for those whose families live a distance away, and sympathize.
Anyway, we spent the month in Arizona,  spent  time  visiting with my husband’s 2 brothers, and lots of cousins, and our daughter in law’s parents. It seemed we were constantly having group meals and parties. I went shopping many times … new favorite store is Z Gallerie…(they have a website )
IMG_2491 I bought some new side panels and rods for our living room, at Z Gallerie…I hope to show them later, after present ones are removed, and patching and painting takes place.
We saw many lovely desert plants in bloom.
I have lots of catching up , reading all your blogs….

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Cindy said...

Oh, I am glad to hear that you are back. I missed your blog posts. Welcome Home! Btw, I need to know if you know of any good quilt fabric shops around. My sis-in-law from Regina is going to be here in another week and she is an avid quilter. If you know of any let me know. Thanks. Hugs, Cindy S