Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This month’s issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine contained a little surprize for me:

Iitalla #2

In the 1980’s I became interested in Finnish glass, mainly because my daughter was collecting pieces for her upcoming marriage.

I fell in love with these icy-looking candleholders (Iitalla), and have used them for many years. They are on my console table as part of Christmas decor…. (still need to get some new candles for them!)


I also have a few other pieces, including the vase below:


I am happy to see that someone else thinks they are still cool!


Pamela Gordon said...

Very pretty candle holders. I think my mother had a similar one but I'm not sure what happened to it. Some classics never go out of style!

Cindy said...

Your candle holders are beautiful, nice to know they are still considered lovely to use. Very pretty!
Hugs, Cindy