The Scent of Fall

Yesterday I baked some pumpkin muffins. As my husband walked in the door he said ”Mmm, something smells good!” I began to think of the many times I have heard or said the same words.
Many memories of fall are associated with smell:
My favourite candle “Leaves”…
i remember one trip to Door County, Wisconsin during the era of dried flower wreaths and swags, and wood cut outs…everything “country”…it seemed every shop had a lovely smelling potpourri…
My own house, smelling of pine or spruce, when I made hundreds of dried and cone wreaths for sale…
…walking through the woods when I was kid…the smell of wild cranberry ..

…and of course the delicious aroma of a roasting turkey at Thanksgiving…

…Can you remember the lovely scents of HOME as you walked in the door?


Terri said…
Hello Millie,
I remember the smell of pine when we brought the Christmas tree home. It would fill the air. That was when I knew it was truly Christmas.
I miss my grandmother and her deliciously smelling kitchen.
Thank you for the chance to reminisce.
Pamela Gordon said…
I love burning candles that have a spice scent like cinnamon, vanilla and pumpkin in the fall. I remember the pine cone wreaths of the 70's and owned a couple of them. Kind of wish I'd kept them but I had no place to hang them and styles changed. I think they are popular again aren't they? We had million dollar relish for supper the other night and for some reason, even though we'd had it several times recently, the taste of it really reminded me of my great aunt and uncle's. I guess I must have had it there as a child. Funny how a smell or taste will take one back so far in time. Warm fuzzies, I call them. :) Blessings, Pam
ellen b. said…
Yes and it was always associated with cooking. We're beginning to look forward to the aroma of Thanksgiving down here! Blessings...
Anonymous said…
Your muffins look delicious. I love the smell of wood burning in the fireplace, a cinnamon candle and an orange!
Your muffins look wonderful, Millie. I love several scents. One being wood burning which we have in our stove. Another is the scent of a Christmas tree filling the house with the heady scent of evergreen. Is there anything more wonderful when you're a child! I use scent sticks now in the tree because we have an artifical but it helps. And any kind of baking this time of year; pumpkin, gingerbread, apple pie, all of these goodies fill the home with such tantalizing smells. A wonderful post, Millie, and thank you for sharing it at my HOME.

Lorrie said…
Smells can bring back memories so quickly. Buns baking on a Saturday will always remind me of my mom and my childhood home. I'm so glad that food has scent.
What a beautiful post, and I want to be sure and look for that candle at your recommendation.

The scents I associate with growing up are laundry fresh from the clothes line, and baked items. And there was a very unique tree that grew in our town, and the petals smelled like sweet bananas. It is an unusual tree, but I remember that aroma and so many others. The smell of the flower shop, the smell of my grandmother's ancient fridge (we called it an icebox), the smell of hay, of candy apples, of chocolates and chewing gum from Trick or Treating. Oh, and the smell of disinfectant at the doctors office as we climbed the stairs to get our school shots. Not pleasant, but it's there in my memory. Do you know my grandmother's china cabinet still has the same smell when you open the door? It is such a.comfort to me. xo
Good afternoon Millie,
I'm just popping by to let you know that your post received the most views last week, so I am featuring your post at this week's HOME party. Congratulations and have a beautiful day.

Beth said…
Treasured, beautiful memories. I enjoyed your reflections.

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