Ukrainian Christmas Eve

Tonight we celebrated Ukrainian Christmas Eve. We started this tradition in our family because of our son-in-law Jim. His parents always made it a special occasion, but they passed away a few years ago. He would miss them especially on this date. Three years ago we decided to surprise him with the traditional meal of 12 meatless dishes (one for each apostle) . He was so appreciative that it has become one of our family traditions. Some of the main dishes I prepared were beet borstch, cottage cheese filled crepes, and cabbage rolls (photos in that order, below). As well, we had fish, various vegetables, and of course, dessert.

In the background of one of the photos is a framed piece of embroidered fabric. This was made by grandmother in Ukraine before she was married. She wove the linen fabric, and cross stitched it and made a shirt for my Grandfather. This framed piece is from one of the sleeves.
In our family we have quite a diverse nationality husband's family came from England, via India, and mine from Europe. It all works well!

P.S. Now I can take down the Christmas tree!!


Anonymous said…
How very interesting. These dishes look absolutely wonderful. What a lovely post.
Hi Millie,
It looks like you had quite a feast! It's fun to do that for special occasions. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Millie it is so lovely to be visiting you here today from a sun filled morning in Australia.......I came across from Mildred's blog and am so pleased I did.

I have read all your recent posts and enjoyed them all......You have some devine recipes that I will be back to copy I am sure, because I have a desire always to be the grandparent my gran was making cookies that were "just there" whenever the children came to visit.

See you again very soon.

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