Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Manitoba Moments

A tradition for Labor Day weekend for us is camping on Hecla Island, The island was settled by Icelandic people many years ago. Fishing was the main industry, and even today, there are many fishing boats in the harbour, as well as a fish station. When the island became a Provincial park, most people were asked to sell their property to the government and move.
Some of the oldest buildings are very rustic, and many are rapidly becoming piles of rubble:

Below, an old outhouse...
This white building is the old boarding house, restored on the outside, but sadly, the inside hasn't been completed

There are nautical touches everywhere:

More recently, those who wished to do so, could rebuild on the island. There are many new summer homes now, and they must conform to traditional styles.
Credit for most of the above photos goes to my daughter LaVerne.


Cindy said...

How beautiful! I have never been to Hecla, but I really want to now, especially after seeing your daughter's beautiful photos! So sad to know that that gorgeous white house is a wreck inside. I wonder if it will be restored inside as well? So sad to see things just falling apart, isn't it.
Have a great week.
Hugs, Cindy

ellen b. said...

Beautiful photos!

Editor said...

Absolutely stunning picture, and Nice blog by the way!