Monday, October 27, 2014

Tea Time!

One of my favorite tea sets is the one I am posting was given to me by an elderly friend a few years ago. I believe it is quite old. I usually  display it in the fall, as the colours seem to fit the season so well.
 The tea set itself consists of a sandwich tray (not shown), small plates, and cups and saucers, with the following mark:
Closer views of the cup and plate design:

 The cobalt blue with orange is found in many china patterns. I also have a platter which ties in well, shown in the background

Closeup of platter design and mark:
Also, this teapot which was a wedding gift to my parents, in 1937, has similar colouration:
Sadly it has a chipped spout and no lid, but I use it for flowers sometimes.

Atop the platter, I have placed a small Carltonware dish, which has such a vibrant green colour, with pretty gold edges:


Beth L. said...

Lovely pieces of china. I think blue and orange go well together!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Millie,
It's lovely to have you join me for tea today. Your china is so pretty for Autumn and each piece having some history makes it really special. I have one teacup that would be a pretty good match to some of yours. I will have to share it soon. I enjoy using chipped tea ware for flowers and decorating a wreath. Have a beautiful day, my friend.


Deborah Montgomery said...

Very elegant. The colors are really suited to autumn. Such a nice gift from your friend!

Ruth Weston said...

Hi Millie...would love to have you link to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! The pattern is called an Imari, because the colors are from the Imari Japan region that was discovered in the early 1800s. The Melba is a 1930s mark. The Imari pattern style was very popular thru the 1950s, but iy's heighday was 1880-1920s. They have had a lot of it on Downton Abbey. I LOVE Imari! Great collection!


Beautiful set of tea dishes, I love it, the blue and orange combination is one of my favorite.
You were so lucky to be gifted from your elderly friend.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely set, Millie. I love the colors!

Karen said...

Hi Millie,
The china is beautiful! Love the cobalt blue and orange - so perfect for the season! The teapot reminds me of one my mother used to have. Sooo vintage! Happy Tea Day! Karen

kitty said...

Hi Millie,
The teacups are so lovely for Fall and your platter goes so well with them. At first, I thought they all matched. How nice to have your parents' teapot. Even though chipped and missing a lid, it's still a treasure.

Pamela Gordon said...

I love the cobalt blue and orange pattern of this china. It is beautiful and perfect for fall teas. I like that you still use the damaged teapot for flowers.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

The cobalt blue and orange china is a good choice for an autumn tea. I didn't notice right away that the platter didn't match, it's nice when you can put patterns together.

Lorrie said...

The cobalt blue in your china is so striking. It's lovely for this time of year.

Susan Clayton said...

What a striking set. Love the Deco look.

Anonymous said...

Hi Millie, What pretty colors for fall. I have started a new blog and wanted to share with you. I will probably only update occasionally but wanted to touch base with you. God bless you and yours. Mildred

Zaa said...

What stunning pieces of china..The colours are so brilliant..It looks art deco ...What a special gift... Enjoy your day ...Hugs