Will you join me for tea? Do you like your tea green, with it’s apparent health benefits?


Do you prefer hot green tea in a china cup?


…Or cold ?




After we have our tea, we can visit Sandi’s tea time Tuesdaylots of variety over there!


Donna Heber said…
Hi Millie,

I could go for some cold green tea right about now. It looks like we had the same idea with iced tea for Tea Time. Your tea cup is lovely.
I would have hot or cold, I like both. Your green teacup is very pretty to sip it from.
Hi Millie,
What a pretty teacup! Green is a favourite colour of mine. The cup is such a pretty shape!
I like hot or cold green tea and I drink a lot of it. Thank you for joining me for tea today and I hope you have a delightful week.

I could go for some iced tea, Millie!! I love your tea cup. I do always drink hot tea in the morning, though.
Ruthie Miller said…
I adore that green teacup! Oh, so pretty. I have 4 similar-one yellow, one blue, one pink and one green but a different green I think. Mine are made by Coalport. How about yours?
New to your site. Happy to be here. Please come visit me and my friend, Lady B at:
All the best, Ruthie
Hi there. What a great selection of green tea and such a pretty teacup. Lovely! I haven't seen the Tetley package...I'll have to look for that. Nice to meet you!
Hi Millie,
Hot or cold - I would love every tea in every temperature, if it only would be in this wonderful tea cup. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tea setting.
Best greetings, Johanna
What a cute post! I love your adorable tea set! The lovely green color is so perfect for a summer tea time break. I am your newest follower, thank you for visiting me!
Anonymous said…
I would love iced tea! Your photos are exceptional, as always, Millie. Enjoy your day.

John's surgery will be Monday for removal of the parotid tumor. We would greatly appreciate your prayers. Mildred
What a lovely tea party. And oh my, I LOVE that green tea cup with the flowers inside. Gorgeous! Thank you for the lovely visit.

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