Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Surprised!

I am so surprised at the number of views (7300) and downloads (1200) my webshots album of fall flowers has received this week alone. One of the photos was chosen by webshots as "photo of the day", a few days ago, which generated all the interest. I am indeed flattered and pleased.

Every year, I decorate the church for Thanksgiving ,which in Canada is celebrated on Sunday, not Thursday as in the USA. That particular day we also celebrated communion, so some of the photos show part of the communion table as well.

The webshots album can be found at:


Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Millie,
I'm not surprised at all! You do beautiful work! I enjoy looking at your blog.
Thanks for stopping by my blog; I'll have some pictures soon, hopefully. Decorating the smallest room in the house is very tedious.
Have a lovely day.


Rose said...

Hi, Millie! I'm "SalsaRose" from GI and popped over to take a look at your blog. You have such wonderful creative talent! My busy, busy job gets in the way of the fun stuff I'd like to do, so I appreciate the opportunity to be able to enjoy your work!

Carolyn said...

Hi Millie,
I am not surprised either-those are beautiful photos!
Take care,

Rebecca said...

Hi Millie, Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your webshots photos. Congrats on being chosen for a photo of the week. I'm really enjoying reading your blog too. Hope to see you around more.