Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mary, Queen of Scots, slept here!

Mary Queen of Scots House, Jedburgh , Scotland

photos by Millie

The following paragraph is taken from the "about scotland" site.

"A short walk away from the 12th century Abbey and situated in a garden of pear trees, this house was visited by Mary in October 1566. She had come to the Borders via Traquair House to preside at local courts and stayed for four weeks, most of the time spent recovering from her arduous ride to visit her future lover, the Earl of Bothwell at Hermitage Castle.
In fact she was so exhausted that she caught a fever and nearly died from it. Later on, when held in captivity by Elizabeth I of England, she said, "Would that I had died in Jedburgh..."

The grounds are beautifully manicured. The village of Jedburgh looked very interesting, athough time did not permit a proper visit.

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