A Year of Precipitation!

This has been quite a year for moisture here in Manitoba, and probably in your part of the world!
This is a view from our front yard in June, when our street was like a small river,  and today.
Summer view of the house:
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Today’s pile of snow, and we didn’t even have a strong wind to drift it…
My husband has spent a great part of today raking the roof!
There is flooding predicted for our Red River Valley this spring, so let’s hope we have a slow thaw…


Incredible amount of moisture...here in South Dakota too!! When all of our snow starts melting it will be flooding again. Maybe we should all invest in a row boat!
I just prayed that you would have a thaw soon, Millie!


Anonymous said…
Hard to imagine so much snow. I am eager for Spring.

We sold our home and most of the furnishings and will be looking for a small home all on one level for John. I'll be away from blogging for a little while but look forward to catching up with you soon.

Take care Millie.
Pamela Gordon said…
I can imagine you are looking forward to spring (we all are!) but not the inevitable flooding that they are calling for in the Red River Valley this year. It will be nice to see some colour in our world won't it? Pamela
Cindy said…
Hello dear Millie,
Wasn't that snow fall something? That is not normal for here, is it? When I lived in northern BC it wasn't unusual to get lots of snow every winter, we really don't get much here compared to there.
I am praying for a slow thaw come Spring, perhaps it will start in early March like it did last year. That would be nice maybe.
Hugs, Cindy
Unknown said…
Wonderfull fotos also much snow, greeting from Belgium, Louisette with 2 golden
Louisette said…
Have a nice end winter waiting spring with return flowers, birds..
greeting from Belgium

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