Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Home Tour for Charity

Today 3 generations in our family took a tour of homes . We would have had 4 generations, but my Mom wasn't feeling well, so my daughter, daughter in law, granddaughter, my sister-in-law, and myself headed out to homes in the City and out in the country. The first 2 photos are of a bathroom decorated in a woodsy theme. The bathtub surround was piled with pine and birch, and there was a fairly large stack of birch logs beside the tub, giving the impression that there was a wood stove in the bathroom (there wasn't!) An old sled, or possibly a reproduction, was crafted into shelves for towels, decorated with more pine.We helped ourselves to packages of hot cocoa mix, from this little vignette of candy canes, etc. We received a small gift at each of the homes, ...candy, a small barn star, etc. Nice touch!
The fireplace pictured below was in a home decorated in the theme of "country with a twist"...a very cosy and livable home situated on an acreage. There were lots of metal stars around, and some lovely old enamelware, butter churns, etc., in the kitchen, but not overdone.
Another theme which was lovely was in a home decorated with lots of limey apple green with touches of red and lots of pine and glass, seen below. The orchids were beautiful and the pears were real. In fact, several arrangements featured live greens and fruit with flowers.
I must apologise for the quality of some of the pictures. The light was fairly dim, and the flash seemed harsh.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your tour of homes. I love to see such novel decorating ideas. Wonderful too that you had a few keepsakes/goodies to bring home as a reminder of your lovely outing.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

How nice to be able to enjoy the tours with your loved ones. Judging by the pictures, it looked like a real treat. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.


Carolyn said...

I love house tours and how nice for you to have family tour with you.Thank you for sharing.
Take care,