One year we decorated a small live tree in a tea theme, using my bone china cups tied with red ribbon, peppermint tea bags, and red berries.
Melissa at "the Inspired Room" is hosting a Christmas ideas event.Check out Melissa's site for more ideas:http://theinspiredroom.net/


Hi Millie,
Your room is so pretty! I really like your tree and I love the centerpiece. You have lovely ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said…
What a great idea and I bet the peppermint tea smelled wonderful too!
Anonymous said…
Oh that is so lovely. Thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
What a lovely tree and tablescape! very original.
Jinx said…
What a fun idea!
Carla said…
Lovely room! Love the centerpiece.
Natalia said…
Beautiful. All of it!
DART said…
I must tell you I absolutely love your blog title picture as well as the tea themed tree---VERY PRETTY and VERY FESTIVE!!! I stopped here after seeing your post over at Daisy Cottage...nice to 'meet' you! : )

What a beautiful room and that tree is wonderful! Such a great idea for a themed tree!

Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

Holiday blessings,

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