Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family ..Celebrating Life, and Water

Last weekend we had a family reunion. What a great time! My Mom is the only one of 10 siblings who is still with us. There were about 100 who spent time together. We had lots of time for visiting, good food, a Sunday morning service, swimming, etc.

One of our family, Jodi King, is a music artist who also has a passion for various missions, local and abroad. A very sweet and talented young lady, she has come up with a special blend of tea which is used as a fund raising tool for Lifewater Canada. (The tea is delicious!). Jodi led our worship service on Sunday and performed some of her own music.

Our committee decided that our family should try to raise funds for a well in Liberia, Africa, and we did. The response was very good, so there will be several hundred Liberians enjoying fresh water soon, preventing disease,
and maybe enjoying their own cup of tea!


Anonymous said...

I just listened to a video on google of Jodi. She's very talented. The reunion sounds like a wonderful time.

Carolyn said...

Sounds like a good family reunion and a great fundraiser.



What a beautiful young lady. By the way, I love your header. It is just fantastic.

Have a great week.


Neabear said...

Wonderful family reunion you had! I came over from Amongst the Oaks after reading your comment about your experience on the logging road. Sound like something my dad would have done! We didn't have a trailer, but we found ourselves on a narrow logging road with a logging truck coming the other way one time. Aaack! My dad was always taking us off the beaten path, either by car or by hiking.